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GuideControl Fibre Light Cable Tester

GuideControl is simple to use and provides results fast. A key feature is its unique universal connector fitting for both proximal and distal connectors. GuideControl can provide test reports and full traceability for all barcoded cables when used in conjunction with DoviScan.

GC pass fail2

Prevent faulty fibre light cables reaching the operating theatre!

  • One connector to fit all brands

  • Clear pass or fail indication

  • Data storage

  • Detailed test reports

  • Fibre light cable identification (UDI)

  • Use in Conjunction with the DoviScan Datamatrix and RFID Scanner

Existing cable testers need multiple connectors for all the different brands and the test results require certain interpretation from the user in order to determine whether the fibre light cable should be approved for use in the operating theatre.

The design of GuideControl means you can easily connect all your common light source and instrument connectors. Its unique management interface includes clear dashboards for managers such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overviews of your test results.

GC Results Image2

The unambiguous user interface of GuideControl will tell you whether the cable can be used or not (Green = Pass, Red = Fail). You will also be able to fully identify all your cables. GuideControl facilitates printed barcodes and RFID.

You can keep track of all your registered and unregistered fibre light cables. You can also test your registered cables and automatically receive new cables when they are failed.



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