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Mitt-Mat Surgical Hand

Lead Contamination? Problem Solved!

Mitt-Mat® is the credible alternative to lead hands. Its fully encapsulated lead core eliminates the lead and lead salts contamination risks associated with lead hands. Now available in both an adult size and a NEW child size.

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  • New Child Size now available!
  • Latex Free
  • Lower cost per use compared to conventional lead hands
  • Resistant to all commonly used cleaning chemicals
  • Reuseable
  • Improved flexibility means returning to the ‘flat’ position after use is much easier
  • Made using silicone which is chemically inert so does not affect other materials

Mitt-Mat® offers improved value for money over conventional lead hands due to its improved durability, lower reprocessing costs and fewer replacement costs.

Mitt-Mat® outperforms conventional lead hands as the silicone acts as a supporting mechanism during flexion thus reducing metal fatigue

Mitt-Mat® resistance to creasing, even in a ‘doubled-over’ position ensures the encapsulated lead core is not easily over stressed unlike conventional lead hands.

Mitt-Mat® is available exclusively from Bolton Surgical

Please contact us for further information.

What the surgeons say:
“Certainly the best of the ones that I have seen so far”
“Of all the products tested so far it has been the best”

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