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Quality assurance with ScopeControl® automated endoscope testing. 100% quality guaranteed in 3 minutes. The only fully automated rigid endoscope testing system that ensures your scopes are in perfect shape and ready for use in the operating theatre.


What does ScopeControl® measure?

  • Field of View
  • View Angle
  • Light Fibres
  • Light Transmission
  • Colour Correctness
  • Focus

Easy to Learn | Fast to Use | 100% Quality Assured

Endoscope Manager wide1

EndoscopeManager software offers even more benefits:

  • Insights in production
  • Clear report function
  • Check repairs
  • Follow lifetime and costs 

What will ScopeControl® do for you?

  • Reduce operating theatre costs through improved efficiency

  • Compare cost of device usage per surgical procedure

  • Identify minor issues before they become major repairs

  • Reduced delays in the operating theatre and happy surgeons

  • Checks your scopes daily before use

  • Better patient safety and reduced infection risk

  • Track iventory and scope performance over time

  • Reduce time testing scopes and eliminate guesswork


Scope Control Endoscope Manager

Testing in Three Easy Steps

  • Place the endoscope inside ScopeControl® and close the lid

  • Use the touch screen or a scanner to identify the scope

  • Press start

ln 1-3 minutes, the system will produce a simple pass fail result from the test. Test results and lens pictures are automatically saved. Management reports and remote access is available from any place, anytime.

Learn more about ScopeControl® by watching a short video here

Bolton Surgical are the exclusive distributors for ScopeControl in the United Kingdom. Please contact us for further information, a presentation and/or demonstration.

Are you an overseas customer?Please contact Dovideq Medical directly here.

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We will be attending the next AfPP Annual Conference

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