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Preventative Care & Maintenance

Patient safety, along with cost containment, remain the top priorities for NHS Trusts and Private Sector organisations. So why not choose a service that delivers improved patient safety and cost efficiencies at the same time? The Preventative Care and Maintenance programme from Bolton Surgical offers high level maintenance across your instrument inventory, along with fixed cost repair for a full 12 months for all PCM instruments.

Why wait until an instrument fails? Reduce instances of broken, corroded, pitted, worn out instruments by having your sets audited and maintained in accordance with current standards. 
We believe prevention is better than cure!


The programme offers

  • 'Holistic' approach to your instrument maintenance and inventory needs
  • Complete peace of mind - clear, concise information on each and every instrument within each and every PCM set
  • Fixed cost repair service for PCM instruments - a one-off charge per set for all refurbishment and remedial work which includes free repairs for a 12 month period
  • All instruments within a set checked to ensure they meet or exceed regulatory standards
  • Planned maintenance instead of waiting until instruments are broken or beyond repair
  • Increased 'up-time' of all sets included in PCM inventory
  • Reduced number of 'de-commissioned' sets
  • Service proven to reduce occurances of broken, blunt, corroding, cracked instruments
  • Detailed report on each set, using our traffic light system - simple, easy to understand, at a glance reporting on each instrument in each set.
  • Highlights any potential issues before they arise
  • Programmed schedule of maintenance to fit around your needs, allows us to schedule resource at the right time to meet the agreed service level
  • Totally managed service, instrument inventory for PCM sets automatically mapped out for the customer, easing workload
  • Increased patient safety from reduction in broken, blunt, cracked, corroded instruments
  • Each instrument part marked to immediately identify it as a PCM instrument, date coded to validate service guarantee

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